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Meet Lucas & Paco

Francisco (Paco) Giufra and Lucas Lemasters are UX Experts working for American Airlines They are coming all the way from the U.S. to share their ideas at uxcon vienna 2022, so let's hear a little bit more about them!

Lucas is a Senior UX Strategist and ResearchOps Lead. He inspires teams to conduct high fidelity research that speaks for the customer and aims to design travel experiences that are empowering, accessible, and delightful.

Paco is a DesignOps Lead. As a systems engineer, his work involves implementing scalable Operations and Design Systems to set up product teams for success in delivering consistent and efficient solutions to customers.

Building DesignOps at scale through performance data

UX teams have grown at an accelerated rate, leaving gaps in design operations that manifest as performance problems scattered across complex workflows. With priority on product delivery and revenue, these problems never get worked on.

With their workshop, Lucas and Paco will help participants create a solution by building a foundation for DesignOps in their organization with a convincing data-driven approach. You'll get the chance to uncover your design process, understand pain points and apply DesignOps best practices to frame outcomes and develop a leadership-ready one-page pitch.

Excited? We are!

Get ready for a great working session at uxcon vienna!

“I find the most challenging aspect of UX is taking customer insights through all the hurdles and obstacles of a large company and putting them into tangible outcomes.”

Lucas Lemasters

"I think the most challenging aspect of UX is a common theme in large corporations: conflating user experience design with art, which in turn obscures a clear pathway for career progression, establishing quality of design, and optimizing design operations."

Paco Giufra


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