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The many ways in which DesignOps supports design teams - talk by Peter Boersma

In recent years, several responsibilities of design managers, particularly those that focus on improving the organization of design work, have been reassigned to DesignOps specialists. By now, the field of DesignOps has its own communities, conferences, and education programs.

The many ways in which DesignOps supports design teams - talk by Peter Boersma

This talk at uxcon vienna 2023 gives an overview - and some details - of how DesignOps specialists can support design teams and is based on the presenter’s experience as someone who has had the DesignOps mindset forever, who needed DesignOps services for his teams, and who has had the role of DesignOps Manager at Miro.

Peter Boersma helps organisations increase the chances of good design happening.

Until recently, he was DesignOps Manager at Miro, supporting the team of 45 researchers, designers, and writers by working with the design leaders on maintaining the DesignOps roadmap and helping cross-functional teams execute DesignOps initiatives. In previous jobs as a designer and design manager, he would also work on improving design processes, defining career ladders, or clarifying roles and responsibilities of designers and their peers in engineering and product management.

Peter has spoken and taught workshops at more than 50 design-related conferences and he has hosted the Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours since 2001.


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