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Well, hello there!

Welcome to uxcon vienna - where UX enthusiasts come together to share knowledge and network. We'd love to connect you with like-minded people and bring the best of different UX scenes to you.


who we are

At the heart of uxcon vienna, you'll find Nicole and Andreas. We're on a mission to bring you education and professional matchmaking with a special focus on user experience and customer experience. uxcon vienna is our core project (and one of the heart too). We fell head over heels for the UX community because you all are creative, laid-back, and open-minded people and curating events for you is an absolute blast!

Lucky for us, Mirjam and Tom are the secret weapons on our strategic advisory board, bringing in their expertise and brilliant ideas. It’s amazing how they’re always around to support us and lend an ear. They play a significant role in shaping uxcon vienna.

We're always open to new ideas and feedback because, let's face it, you guys are the real experts. Our goal is to create awesome experiences and we count on what our community has to say to make that happen.


Got something on your mind? Don't be shy – hit us up!

We're forever in learning mode.

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Andreas Ablasser.png

Andreas Ablasser

Andreas is co-founder &

organizer of uxcon vienna.

programme - speakers - partners

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Nicole Swoboda

Nicole is co-founder &

organizer of uxcon vienna.

partners - content - experience


strategic advisors

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