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UX research training

April 19th & 20th, 2023 

About the training

Venue: weXelerate, Vienna

Host: Janelle Ward

Guest speaker: Mirjam de Klepper 

Who’s it for? 

Any UX researcher who:

  • Has at least some experience using UX research methods 

  • Is or has been employed as a UX researcher

  • Is working at a company where the UX research practice is struggling to create the desired and expected impact 

  • Wants to excel at promoting an insights-ready mindset at all levels of the organization

  • Wants to level up their leadership skills to become a strong mentor to research peers, whether in an IC or in a management role.


Outcomes you can expect from this workshop

  • A deeper understanding of why a company’s mindset toward research insights is key to the integration and success of a UX research practice

  • Concrete strategies for uncovering the mindset you’re currently working with, from leadership at your organization all the way to your specific (product) team

  • Practical tips on how to coach and mentor your research peers to reach these goals

  • Contact with peers in a supportive environment where we discuss our challenges and make meaningful professional connections


Are you a UX researcher hoping to accelerate the impact of UX research in your organization?


This training is a 2-day course geared toward UX researchers, particularly those in low UXR maturity companies, who wish to grow the influence of their research practice.


The training will not be a “how to” when it comes to UX research methods. Rather, the focus is on giving UX researchers the tools to better engage and evangelize non-research stakeholders. Our ability to create an insights-ready mindset in our organizations is arguably the most essential thing we can do to set up a research practice for success.


Over one full day and one half day with Janelle, we will will dive into this issue from three perspectives: How to create impact at the organizational level, the product team level, and how to work together with our research peers to maximize our influence.

In the half day remaining, Mirjam will provide practical insights into the research practice of advanced organizations.

The training will consist of a mix of prepared lectures/materials (25%) and small/whole group discussions and activities (75%).

About Janelle Ward

Janelle has built UX research teams from scratch and upskilled existing UX research teams, for both B2B and B2C digital product companies. These teams produced insights that transformed decision making, prioritization and roadmap planning. She has 20 years’ experience as a PhD-level researcher and leader, both as a professor in the academic world and in UX research leadership roles. Janelle has used her skills as a facilitator and research advocate to gain trust and consensus, from junior designers to corporate executives.


Janelle is currently Founder and Principal Consultant at Janelle Ward Insights, where she partners with companies to accelerate their insights-ready mindset and create research practices that supercharge their competitive advantage.


For more information please see

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About Mirjam de Klepper 

Mirjam currently works as a UX Research Lead at Clue, a period tracking app. Before that she worked as a Senior Human Factors Engineer at mySugr, a digital product for people living with diabetes.Her top 4 goals?

1. Continuous experimentation on how to bring insights and empathy to all corners of the organisation.
2. Democratising research by enabling others to ask the right questions and find the appropriate methods to answer them.
3. Fostering strong ReOps and a team culture that is focused on learning together (and having fun while doing so).
4.  Optimising research processes to hit that sweet spot of lean yet traceable.


Mirjam is originally from the Netherlands, but Vienna is her chosen home. Oh, and once upon a time she was an award-winning social impact entrepreneur, founder of “the knowledge and know-how hub for sharing (in) the city” and a TEDx speaker.


weXelerate, Vienna 

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