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Designing for complex UIs
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deepening your qualitative interviewing skills for better products and services

May 14th 2024 // Vienna, Austria

Join us in this masterclass to get constructive feedback on your own interviewing skills and style, and learn how to navigate difficult interview situations.
Because good interviews lead to meaningful insights, and ultimately to better products and services.

About this masterclass

Mirjam de Klepper moderating
Mirjam de Klepper, our masterclass teacher, is great at talking to people and turning those insights into product strategy

A good user interview is more than ‘just having a chat.’ It’s a guided conversation that considers the emotions and personal situation of the interviewee, while remembering the ultimate goal: getting the information you need to build better products and services.

Managing this balance of ‘extracting information’ and being considerate of your interviewees inner life can be a challenge.

This masterclass will help you to refine your own interview practices to get better results without ‘exploiting’ your interviewees. 

Because, let’s face it, we’ve all made interviewing mistakes that made us cringe or did not lead to insights. This hurts the company, because they’re not getting the info they need. And it’s unfair to the person being interviewed. So, while we know that interviews aren’t therapy sessions, let’s take a close look at how as interviewers we impact the people we talk to.

In this master class we’ll dive deep to give you the tools to make sure that this impact is a positive one.


  • A 4-hour in-person masterclass
  • Interactive class with group work
  • Mix of academic theory and real-world business examples
  • Lots of practice and constructive personal feedback
  • Group size max 24 people

Note: Teaching language will be English, but interview practice rounds may also be done in German, if preferred. 

Venue: weXelerate, Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

Date:  May 14, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm

For who?


This masterclass is designed for:


  • UX researchers who want to reflect on their current practices and improve their skills

  • Product people who want to increase and optimise their direct customer/user contact

  • UX designers who would like to gain more confidence in interviewing users

About the teacher


Without the right person steering the ship, none of this would really matter! That's why we're incredibly excited to present the person who will be your teacher throughout this masterclass. With her unique content, get ready for an engaging and dynamic learning experience!

Mirjam de Klepper.jpg
Anthropologist & Senior UX Researcher
Mirjam has carried out, observed and analysed hundreds of interviews on often highly personal, stigmatised and taboo topics ranging from living with diabetes to experiencing miscarriage.
She has worked for digital health companies and social impact startups, where she translated those interviews into better product and service experiences. She is an international keynote speaker on ethical UX and innovation, former TEDx speaker and the moderator of uxcon vienna.
Mirjam de Klepper holds a BSc in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, a pre-master in Humanistic Studies and an MA in Global Studies. In this master class she brings together all these experiences to help you elevate your interview skills


We're working out some details, so it'll be a little while before everything is set in stone. 
Stay tuned for a more comprehensive schedule coming your way soon!
9.00 am:

1.00 pm:

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2.00 pm:




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networking lunch (or bowl-to-go)

end of masterclass

Tuesday, May 14




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What's included

  • 4-hour masterclass with Mirjam

  • working materials

  • beverages and lunch


290,00 (plus VAT) 

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Designing for complex UIs


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