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Design Leaders Leogang

uxcon vienna getaway:

design leaders -
alpine edition

Sept 23-25 2024 // Tyrol, Austria

Join the adventure as 50 UX leaders head to the Tyrolean Alps for 2.5 days of soaking up exclusive content from top-notch international experts.

About this training

Further your career as a UX leader in an atmosphere that's as chill as it is inspiring and join design leaders - alpine edition. The meaningful retreat for (emerging) UX leaders in the heart of the Austrian mountains.

To empower you in discovering fresh solutions for your everyday challenges, we've crafted a program featuring


  • applicable & actionable input by experienced
    UX leaders

  • relatable & personal facilitated conversations

  • meaningful & hands-on focus sessions

We’ll make sure to make the most of our surroundings, where there’s plenty of opportunity to take part in guided (outdoor) activities, like hiking and yoga. Our wonderful hotel also has great indoor sports facilities as well as a spa area (it even has its own lake!), all while offering stunning mountain views.

Work on your career and hang out with ot

Work on your career and hang out with other UX leaders in the Austrian Alps.

When & where?


Monday Sept 23th - Wednesday Sept 25th, 2024 at Kaiserlodge in Tyrol, Austria


This is right after uxcon vienna, which will take place in Vienna, on the 19th and 20th of September, 2024.  


The getaway starts on Monday early afternoon and will last until Wednesday evening. You will enjoy full-on catering with your dietary preferences taken care of and a tailor-made program throughout your stay.


All  the magic happens at fantastic Hotel Kaiserlodge, nestled in the northern limestone Alps in the Eastern Alps. This place has it all, including a rooftop spa and pool. It's the ultimate spot to let your thoughts wander, get creative, and simply unwind. We can host a maximum of 50 attendees and it would be wonderful if you were one of them.

Venue: Kaiserlodge, Dorf 11A, 6351 Scheffau, Austria

Date:  Sept 23-25, 2024

For who?


After talking to a whole bunch of new and more experienced UX leaders, we realised many of you have been facing the same questions:


  • How do I handle changing relationships with peers and stakeholders?

  • How can I proactively shape strategy and UX maturity, while juggling so many ad-hoc tasks and asks?

  • How can I redefine success, purpose and personal growth, now that my tasks have changed?


Do you work in UX in a leadership role and are you facing these challenges? Then this retreat is for you.



We've put together a super special program for you with top-notch, international speakers who really know their craft and are passionate about what they do. You'll be growing and learning alongside them during your stay. They're bringing all their expertise and sharing it with you through tailor-made content.

CEO of cx partners, business mentor & author
Giles works with the leadership of large organisations to help them embed user centred design in their operating models. Recently, he has worked with Google to benchmark the UX maturity of hundreds of organizations across Europe, and has worked with British Standards Institute among others to improve digital inclusion accessibility and ethical business models. Giles is the author of Simple and Usable Web, Mobile, and Interaction Design (2017), now in its second edition.
Colborne Giles.jpg
experienced leader &
senior director of user experience at
Molly has 20+ years experience in understanding the needs of users in a variety of domains around the globe. She builds diverse research teams that collaborate closely with cross-functional stakeholders. Her teams of research scientists deeply understand the similarities and differences in user needs and behaviors, identifying insights and making better experiences for users. Molly has held leading UX roles at Google and Uber and is now senior director of User Experience at
speaking transformation coach, UX designer and educator
After doing the whole singer and waitress thing (and more), Elizè switched gears and dove into UX design. But she didn't just dip her toes - she became a UX Design Director and even started her own UX agency in 2017. For several years now, she has been thriving as a successful speaker and educator, completing over 250 online events since 2020. Elizé has been able to propel her career forward by creating an authentic online presence, inspiring audiences through her presentations, and owning her story. Her mission is to help others gain the confidence to express their thoughts, aspirations, and dreams.
Elizé Todd
Robert Youmans.jpg
UX director, Google Workspace 
Rob Youmans leads design and research teams at Alphabet. He is currently the Head of Research for Google Workspace, which builds products to allow people to be productive at work including Gmail, Slides, and Meet, and new products related to artificial intelligence. Prior to joining Alphabet, Rob was the CEO of a small startup, an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Creative Design and User Experience (CDUX) laboratory at George Mason University, and an Assistant Professor of Applied Cognition and Director of the Undergraduate Honors Program at California State University, Northridge.
Indi Young.jpg
research pioneer, book author & coach

Indi, a seasoned solution strategist, developed her purpose-driven qualitative data science method over three decades. She shares her expertise through courses, coaching, workshops, books, and speaking engagements, guiding teams in research studies.

Indi pioneered opportunity maps and has written three books: "Time to Listen", "Practical Empathy" and "Mental Models".  Indi advocates for understanding diverse thinking styles, challenging assumptions, and minimizing harm to different approaches. She was one of the founders of Adaptive Path, the pioneering UX agency.



We've put together a program that zooms in on the everyday challenges leaders face. It also tackles those issues they barely have time to deal with during their usual daily busines. Here are the topics we'll be diving into in our hands-on working sessions:

Your role as a leader

  • Transitioning from IC to Leadership: a balance act  

  • Understanding the business perspective 

  • Exploring management styles 

  • Building connections with other leaders within your organization 

  • Communicating UX to C-level executives 

  • Inclusive leadership in the context of diverse backgrounds and cultures 

  • Positioning and selling UX within the organization 

Coach: Molly Stevens, Senior Director of User Experience,


UX Governance: How to create an environment where our design team can succeed? 


  • Aligning design with business goals for a stronger impact 

  • Talking about our design ideas in a way that convinces everyone 

  • Making it clear what our design team can handle (and what we can't) 

  • Figuring out how to work with tight schedules and budgets 

  • Strategies for design teams to get their ideas heard 

  • Is our organisation agile? Reality-Check and possible solutions  

  • Finding ways to create better conditions for designers in the team 


Coach: Giles Colborne, CEO, cx partners  

Defining the ways of working for UX crafts  

  • Creating influential longer term product visions   

  • Collaborating with other crafts to multiply your impact 

  • Developing frameworks and capabilities 

  • Answering the ROI question 

  • New tech and UX 


Coach: Molly Stevens, Senior Director of User Experience,

People management & organisational challenges

  • Effective project allocation and team management 

  • Career planning & goal-setting  

  • Recruiting and hiring   

  • Team management & defining ways of working together 

  • Dealing with organizational & operational taks: e.g. meeting management  

Coach: Robert Youmans, UX director at Google Workspace

Unlock your authentic leadership 


  • Lead with passion, vulnerability, and your true values 

  • Define your unique leadership style: Build a vision that aligns with your values and strengths 

  • Turn "weaknesses" into superpowers: Discover how embracing your vulnerabilities can foster trust and inspire others 

  • Thrive in the spotlight: Navigate the discomfort of being the center of attention and learn techniques to embody authentic confidence 

  • Empower your team: Discover ways to build a real and connected environment that helps everyone flourish


Coach: Elizé Todd, UX designer & educator 



Fireside Chat with Indi Young

  • Content tba 

You'll be diving into all this cool stuff with other leaders who are right there with you, navigating the same waters. How does that sound to you?



It's still a little while until September, so we don't have all the details sorted out yet. However, here's our first timetable so you can get an idea of what we have planned for you. Please keep in mind that changes are likely (we will come up with a few more surprises along the way!).
3pm - 6pm:

Monday, Sept 23




arrival & check-in
first working session (including coffee break)
get together & dinner | optional evening program | spare time | wellness
9am - 12am:
12am - 2pm:
2pm - 3pm:
3pm - 6pm:

Tuesday, Sept 24




breakfast | optional morning hike & meditation
working session (including coffee break)
lunch and short after lunch hike including content piece
spare time | wellness
working session (including coffee break)
get together & dinner | optional evening program | spare time | wellness
fireside chat

Wednesday, Sept 25




working session (including coffee break)
check-out & lunch
optional hiking tour
end of design leaders | departure from hotel
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What's included: 

  • 2 nights in a comfortable single room at our hotel Kaiserlodge

  • delicious, local cuisine including breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, hot and cold drinks

  • thought-provoking interactive sessions led by our top speakers

  • creative sessions in the middle of nature's beauty (which is pretty awesome)

  • various activities, from hikes to other engaging pastimes during your free time

  • wellness and yoga/meditaion ensuring a holistic experience

  • transport from trainstation "Wörgl" to hotel (there are direct trains to Wörgl from Vienna,
    Innsbruck and Salzburg) 


€ 2.400,00 (plus VAT) 

Leave us some info and we will get in touch.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon!

We have

50 spots


cow in the alps

Anything on your mind?

If you have any questions or need extra info, hit us up!

We're here to help out.

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